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Youth Hostel Plakias

A green paradise at the southcoast of Europe

Plakias Bay

Plakias Bay

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Mikro Ammoudi At Damnoni

Mikro Ammoudi At DamnoniTwo of our favorite beaches are Mikro Ammoudi and Klisidi (Onerock Beach) are just 40 min walk from the hostel in the bay of Damnoni.

The way to Damnoni leads from the far end of Plakias beach through some olive groves round the mountain that seperates Plakias from Damnoni. You will find the explanation how to walk to Damnoni in the reception of the hostel - but you can also join the crowd that walks every morning after a lazy breakfast.

Mikro Ammoudi is an official nudist beach. In summer you can rent umbrellas and buy drinks and some snacks from a little hut at the beach.
Quite famous is the doughnut man who shows up from time to time to sell his delicious dougnuts.

Mikro Ammoudi At DamnoniBetween Mikro Ammoudi and Klisidi (Onerockbeach) there is an underwatercave where you can easily dive through. On this website at Activities you can find a nice panorama picture of our "Onerock Beach". You will easily understand why we love it.

Both beaches are fantastic places to do cliff jumping.

If you walk ten minutes further you can visit another beach, which is called Ammoudi. Occasionally you get the chance to listen to a concert at that beach. A little tavern is there, too.

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