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Youth Hostel Plakias

A green paradise at the southcoast of Europe

White Mountains

in the sfakian neighbourhood

A Sand Dune

above a lovely beach

Lonely Beaches

just a short drive from us

Just Dive Down

to say hello to him

The White Mountains Sanddune Lonely Beach Fish

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Travel to Plakias - Carpooling

The most convenient way to travel to Plakias is by public bus.
While in summer there are plenty of busses the schedule can be very poor in low season and you might need a rental car or a taxi at least for the transport between Rethymno and Plakias.

For a taxi service from and to Plakias please contact our local taxi driver Zacharias: +30 693 2281995

To make your journey as much environmental friendly as possible we got here a small platform to offer or search for transportation (like carpooling) or to find other travellers to share a taxi or ental car.

Antje Vödisch is looking for a ride or wants to share a taxi

Plakias - Iraklio
Tue, 04.10.2022 5:00

My flight goes 4 october at 10 am from Heraklion. Is there anybody who also has to be at the airport and wants to share a Taxi?

Barney B ,Bulmer is looking for a ride or wants to share a taxi

Chania Airport - Plakias
Wed, 05.10.2022 22:00

Share taxi or car ,.I can drive ,full ins.and permit. Also I know Crete .I can speak some German

Jochen is looking for a ride

Iraklio - Plakias
Wed, 05.10.2022 16:00

I arrive at Iraklio Airport at 15:35 and look for a lift to Plakias. Alternatively I will take a bus to Rethimno. But there is no bus at that time from Rethimno to Plakias.
So the I look for a ride from Rethimno to Plakias or sharing a taxi.