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Youth Hostel Plakias

The most southerly hostel in Europe

Plakias Bay

Plakias at the south coast of Crete.
A bay with one kilometer of sandy beach next to the village

Surrounding of Plakias

A green landscape with mountains is surrounding the village in the back inviting for hiking

Preveli Palm Beach

Hike to incredibly beautiful beaches close by like Preveli - one of two palm beaches ob Crete

The Sleeping Dragon

Enjoy magic sunsets at our "Sleeping Dragon" in the Plakas Bay

Plakias Bay of Plakias Preveli Palmbeach The Sleeping Dragon of Plakias

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Plakias, a quiet backwater away from the hectic north coast of Crete. Not a beautiful town but the splendid beaches in the area, the mountains and gorge as a backdrop and the tranquility of the surrounding olive groves more than compensate. Small enough to be very friendly but large enough to have most of the facilities for the visitor. There is a great night life which goes on all night every night until the sun comes up.

without stress

Some people stay for the wonderful walks in the area. It is still possible to wander off to a lonely beach and see nobody all day. The mountains are for the more energetic. Then there are special places known only to the hostel where you can swim in freshwater pools and shower under waterfalls. Some people stay for the beach and the nightlife.

How to get to Plakias

If you arrive at Iraklio (Heraklion) Airport you can take a taxi to the bus station for about 10.00 Euro or take the old blue and white bus no. 1 just beyond the car park. Buy a ticket at the little wooden hut or the vending machine for 1.20 Euro. Get off just after the bus climbs steeply beside the old town walls, along with most of the other people. When you get off the bus turn right and pass the big museum on your left. Follow the old town wall down hill (not the road that the bus took!)
and after about 10 minutes you will see the large Megaron Hotel building on your right and just beyond it a set of stone stairs leading down towards the sea.

The bus station is straight in front of you.

If you arrive at Iraklio port walk out of the main gates, turn right and the bus station is about 300m walk on the opposite side of the road.

Go into the bus station office and buy a ticket to Rethymno for 8.30 Euro. Luggage goes under the bus and it is best to sit on the opposite side from the driver to keep out of the sun and for sea views. Travel all the way though to Rethymno bus station, about 1 and a half hours.

If you arrive at Chania airport take the bus to the central bus station in Chania Town. The luggage goes under the bus. Tickets for 2.50 Euro can be bought from the conductor in the bus. The bus schedule is connected to the flight schedule, so there should be a bus soon after your arrival. The journey to Chania Town takes about 30 min.

At the big bus stop in Chania town find the bus to Rethymno. There is one every hour. The price for the ticket is 6.70 Euro. It´s recommended to sit on the left side for the sea view.
In summer there is an evening bus also from Chania airport directly to Rethymno.

For the "Greek latest" on the bus timetable go to Bus Service Crete
Note: The schedule changes during the season. In summer there are 6 buses a day from Rethymno to Plakias - in early spring only two.

In Rethymno go into the bus station office and buy a ticket to Plakias (pronounced Plakya) for 4.90 Euro. Listen carefully for the bus to be called and note the number of the bus. Again luggage goes under the bus and it is best to sit on the same side as the driver for gorge and sea views.

If you have a long time to wait for the next bus then it is cool to leave your bags in a corner of the bus station and go off sight seeing in the old town. If you miss the last bus of the day then you have two options, either a taxi to Plakias for about 42.00 Euro or stay overnight in Rethymno, the hostel is recommended. To find the hostel turn right out of the bus station office and immediately right again up the concrete steps to the main road. Turn left and walk for about 15 minutes until you see the park on your right. Continue along the main road until you get to the end of the park then turn left and under the arch which leads to the old town. After only 30m turn right along Tobazi Street and you will see the hostel on your right after about 80m.

If you decide to take a taxi to Plakias, please contact us. We could send you a local taxi driver from Plakias - they charge usually 15-20% less than the drivers in Iraklio/Rethymno/Chania.

The bus journey to Plakias takes about 50 minutes depending upon which route the bus takes. Get off at Plakias sea front and walk with the sea on your right for about 150m, turn left and go past the pharmacy. At the end of this road turn left and follow the yellow triangular signs, you will be home in less than 10 minutes.